Repair of the Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven

We have been enjoying using the Breville Mini Oven for about two years. It has not only replaced the toaster on the kitchen counter, but it has mostly eliminated the use of the large electric oven. The oven retails for about $150. A few weeks ago the oven suddenly went dead without a beep or anything on the digital display. We had usually unplugged the device when not using it to save the vampire power drain and avoid damage from the frequent 10 second power outages in our neighborhood. The handy plug with the hole in it made this an easy task.

Breville Oven Front View

The first thought was, oh maybe it’s just a fuse. But there is no user replaceable fuse. Searching the web did not turn up any information on how to fix the oven either. What I did find was replacement parts at a site called eReplacement Parts. They had a fuse assembly for the oven for just $4.57. With shipping it was almost $12 dollars. It was not in stock and they gave no estimate as to when they might ship me one. But it only took a couple of weeks before the UPS guy left one on the front porch. They also gave email updates on the order.

Then the fun begins with the disassembly of the oven. First remove all the exterior screws that hold the single piece of stainless that makes up the top and sides of the oven. This will just loosen it and allow you to bend out the sides for access. There are at least two screws that keep this wrapping attached to the chassis up near the front where the controls are. I figured if I took those two out I would never get them back in since there is so little room to work with. Remove the rear cover completely with the external screws. Luckily the fuse assembly is attached to the back left of the oven. Right below it is the temperature sensor. The fuse is temperature sensitive, that is why it is attached to the inner frame that gets hot.

The eReplacement page has a picture of the fuse assembly. You have just two screws that hold it to the frame and two wire connections. The first one is directly connected to the black power cord with a crimp connector. Connect the new fuse wire with a wire nut. The other end has a slip off terminal connector that attaches to a connector at the bottom front of the control assembly. The old one comes off easily with a tug using a pair of needle nose pliers. Getting the new one on that connector is the hardest part of the job. There is a connector on each side of your target connector, and the connectors are recessed.

Breville Oven Disassembled Rear View